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PRESTIGE International School Campus

From its firm foundation, the school building reaches step by step to a height of four storeys – a reflection of the school’s aspiration to provide a sound base from which students will rise to great heights. The school’s laboratories, learning centre, the cafeterias, classrooms and the auditorium have been air-conditioned; as a policy, the air-conditioning facility will be made use of selectively in various facilities depending on the need.
However, since these house the paraphernalia needed to keep the body and mind in the right frame, constant improvement in infrastructure is a necessary and an ongoing process. With this thought in mind, we are pleased to inform you of our new campus coming up within city limits.
Lawns, landscaped gardens and playgrounds surround the building, which houses modern classrooms and state-of-the-art laboratories. Colour, space and light combine to enhance the rooms, the corridors and the labs.


Every classroom has a public address system, digital clocks, display and writing boards,lockers for students,custom made furniture, and a provision for broadband Internet connection and air conditioning. The laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology and the specialist teaching rooms for Art, Music, Social Science, Languages, Computer Studies, and Mathematics are equipped in accordance with the specifications of national examination boards.


The Learning Centre is central to each student’s academic progress. In it we have shelf space for some 40,000 books, with already a rich collection. In addition, students have access to periodicals and audio-visual resources, the Internet and photocopying facilities. The Learning Centre also supports the archiving of the school’s various learning resources and records.

Information and Communication

PRESTIGE International School integrates information and communication technology into the curriculum, and thus provides the latest resources in this field. The school’s computer and communication network provides state-of-the-art computing facilities and broadband Internet connectivity.
Apart from full-fledged Computer Labs, the Learning Centre also has computing facility to assist students in projects and research assignments.

Medical Care

The school places great importance on the health and safety of students. Suitably qualified nursing staff keep the medical centre open throughout the school day, while the school doctor is available two days in a week and for any emergency.
In its modern and child-friendly setting, the medical centre maintains high standards of hygiene and a well-documented system of students’ health records. The medical staff arranges for routine medical treatment as well as health promotion activities such as an annual check-up, and dental and ophthalmologic camps.


A Cafeteria,conforming to the highest standards of modern catering, serve balanced and nutritious vegetarian snacks and lunch. Drinking water is available throughout the day on each floor of the campus.