Contribution in Education for World Education Conclave – 2023

In a remarkable achievement Prestige International School has been awarded as Outstanding Contribution in Education for World Education Conclave – 2023, New Delhi. This award intends to inspire others towards bigger and better achievements. Global Education Conclave 2023 is the most acclaimed accolade in the area of education. It highlights & recognizes the quality and diversity of the educational establishments globally who have achieved excellence by their significant contributions towards the education sector. The award is a certification of the positive initiatives & contributions of our institution towards building up a nation with a strong and an open education system where knowledge is accessible to all. The title of ‘Global Education Conclave 2023’ defines the credibility of school, preschool, colleges, university and educational institutes globally. Our school is known to suggest policy framework for achieving global standards of education across the country. The School also aims to facilitate sharing of knowledge and best practices. The Chairman of Prestige International School Mr. Hyder Ali was honored and presented the award on 4th November 2023 at Ramada Plaza, New Delhi. As the school celebrates this exemplary achievement, it continues to set a high standard for excellence and innovation in the realms of education. The recognition ‘Outstanding Contribution in Education’ is a testament to the school’s unyielding pursuit of academic excellence and its dedication to nurture our learners.

Every year, members of Global Education Conclave identify and recognize the achievements of some of the finest colleges and institutes from the public/private sector with the Education Awards based on a comprehensive market research study being conducted by our company considering various criteria that include but are not limited to Infrastructure, Faculty, Strength of Students, Annual Growth, Students & Alumni Feedback, Feedback from the employers.