Dodging the Tables

Building logic and reasoning is the building blocks of Mathemetics. It was an amazing experience to witness our little prodigies belt out multiplication tables in the exciting Dodging the Tables competition held on 14/12/2022 at Prestige International School. The students had to answer an interesting jigsaw worksheet on multiplication tables to qualify in the preliminary round. For the main event 22 students from grade 1 and 13 students from grade 2 were selected to participate in four rounds of games based on multiplication tables. The little Math prodigies of Grade 1 and 2 enjoyed displaying their quick responses in the Train Tables and Buzzin Tables round. Students also showcased their memory power in the Just A Minute Tables round to recite tables as accurately as possible in a minute. The highlight for the day were the last two rounds Twist Tables and Snake and Tables where the students had to combine physical stamina with mental ability to relay the answers. It was a splendid day for the participants as well as the student audience who enjoyed the display of Math Skills in the competition. The competiton was organised by our Math Teacher – Mrs. Mufida under the guidance and mentorship of our Section Head – Mrs Sharmila Kumar. We are happy to see the curious and the adventurous students pick up mathematical skills that will help them in day to day life.