National level Karate championship

Our students from Prestige International School participated in
*Compete – 3.0* National level karate championship on 6th November at Udupi By KEN-E-MABUNI-SHITO-RYU-KARATE school of India
udupi district.

A heartfelt thanks to Mr. Nadeem who is our karate Instructor and mention for his continuous support and guidance

In charge – Miss Sheefal DSilva
Winners of prizes
1.Ayaan Moidin Musthafa 3rd place in kumite
2.Muhammed Shahaz 1st place in kumite 2nd place in kata
3.Mohammad Shammas 1st place in kumite
4.Hassan Talish 1st place in kumite
5.Adnan Rafi 3rd place in kumite
6.Mohammed Iyad Ibrahim 1st place in kumite
7.Omeira Kulsum 3rd place in kumite
8.Haya Fathima 2nd place in kumite
Congratulations from Management & Staff.