Hindi Recitation Competition -Grade 1 and 2 (2019-2020)

Anekhtha me ektha hi hamari shaan hai, isi liye toh mera bharath mahan hai” Poetry is emotions written as words and Recitation is words spoken by emotions- To instill a love for poetry and develop recitation skills amongst our little ones, Prestige School organised Hindi Recitation Competition for Grade 1 & 2 on Friday 16th […]

Red day at Prestige Montessori

The colour of love and smiles illuminates the air with energy , life and enthusiasm” To introduce our Montessori 1 and 2 children into the mesmerizing realm of colours, each day was dedicated to a colour. On 06/08/2019 children came dressed in red colour to school carrying their favourite toy , fruit or object with […]