SALAD Making Competition 2022-23

SALAD making competition was held on 31-10-2022 in school. Students from grade VII, and VIII are participated. 65students from various classes participated actively. Time limit provided was 1 hrs(8.45 am to 9.45am).
Ms. Shabana maaam(Coordinator) & Ms. Ameera maam were invited as judges for grade VIII and Ms. Safana maam and Ms. Noorjahan maam were invited as judges for the grade VII.
The following are the list of winners.
Grade VII 1ST Place : a) Khathija Yumna Mercury house VIIC
b) Safin Mustafa Neptune house VIIC
2ND Place: a) Khadeeja Suha Mars house VIIC
b)Jasra Fayaz sheik Neptune house VII A
3rd Place: a) Riza Razak Jupiter House VII A
b)Ahaan Ismail Farooq Mars House VIIC

GRADE VIII 1ST Place a) M.Khathija Mashiya Mercury house VIII B
b) Aashray Shetty Neptune house VIIIC
2nd place a) Jameela Samna Mars VIII A
b)Zainab Jamaluddin Neptune house VIIIA
3RD place a) Fathimathul Shiza Mercury House VIII B
b) Mohammed Numan Mercury house VIII A