“Art has the power to transform, to illuminate, to educate, to inspire and motivate.” Theme
that revolved around the festival of lights, Diwali was celebrated through a competition
“Dress Up Day” that evoked the feeling of ‘Unity in Diversity’ among the children. The competition was celebrated on 20th October in the Montessori Mini Hall, with children of
Montessori 1 being dressed up as Mithai(sweets), Montessori 2 in Traditional Attires and
Montessori 3 in costumes of various dance forms. More than just being competitive it got educative where the children witnessed the varieties Indian culture possess.
Innocence, cuteness, cheerfulness just oozed out in their portrayal of character they donned as
jalebi, peda, Punjabi, Gujarathi, Marathi, Kerala kutty, Garba, dandiya, Bhagra, Bihu,
Yakshagana and many more. Competitions can be fun and enjoyment when merged with
the mood of celebration and this was one such episode of togetherness.