State level Karate Championship 2022
Perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and tenacity all contribute to success. Our students from Prestige International School enthusiastically participated in association with Swami’s strength training and M. K Ananthraj College of Physical Education, Moodbidri presenting its 19th state level Karate Championship 2022 in Shorin Ryu Karate Association(Reg) on September 10th at Moodabidri, Mangalore. Our students engaged themselves in various art forms such as kumite and khatas and were recognised in several categories. The Runners Trophy was also won by Prestige International School. A heartfelt thanks to Mr. __NADEEM_______ who is our karate instructor and mentor for his continuous support and guidance. In charge –Mr.Mahesh Kumar Winners of prizes – 1. MOHAMMED SHAMMAS –IV 3rd place in Kumite 2. IZZAN MOHAMMED SHEKABBA –IV 3. OMEIRA KULSUM –VI 3rd place in Kumite 4. HASSAN TALISH –VI 1st place in kumite ,3rd place in khatas 5. MOHAMMED SHAHAZ –VI 1st place in kumite, 2nd in khatas 6. MOHAMMED SHAAZ KHAN –VI 7. ZULAIKA HAMEEMA BASHEER –VI 1st place in khatas, 2nd in kumite 8. AYAAN MOIDIN MUSTHAFA –VI 1st place in khatas 9. HAYA FATHIMA -3rd Place in Kumite, 3rd Place in Khatas 10. JASIB SHEIK VII -2nd Place in color belt Kumite Division 11. MOHAMMED HASHIR – 2nd Place in color belt Kumite Division 12. MOHAMMED AMEEN AKBARSUNAN DAWALA- VII 13. MOHAMMED ZAID – 3rd Place in color belt Kumite Division 14. AHMED IZAN IBRAHIM -VII 15. MOHD IYAD IBRAHIM – IX 1ST Place in the under 16 years, below 45 kg division and 2nd place in 15 years , boys khatas divisions 16. FATHIMA ZOHARA –IX 1ST PLACE IN COLOR BELT, 14 years, 55kg Kumite Divisions 17. MOHAMMED ADNAN RAFI- IV 1st place in kumite 18. MOHD HAZIQ -3RD PLACE IN WHITE BELT kumite