Self acceptance is embracing yourself as you are right now, regardless of what your past was.

Self awareness plays a major role in self acceptance and confidence. One gets more aware about what one can improve upon in life.

Self acceptance brings in a lot of efforts and work by a person and is always including some new changes in life. Stepping out of comfort zone is always appreciated if it is without fear and certain fears are good for a new version of your own self.

In life we all know that we all make mistakes and we should learn and grow .

If one doesn’t accept one’s self one feels embarrassed and low in confidence always.

No one is perfect in their world and everyone has to work on improving upon the same.

We all have insecurities to be worked upon and also we all should know that we can at the same time praise our good aspects of ourselves and also accept that there could have been better aspects to ourselves without feeling bad.

Never compare yourself to others because it will make you fall in your confidence level.

Everyone has that one thing that you don’t and whatever you have isn’t theirs.

Trust me it’s always true to accept this fact.

Acceptable nature doesn’t always work with approval of the same. Approval and acceptance are two different concepts.

It’s not necessary that i like you and i approve our bond of friendship to go for marital aspects is an example .


1)Remind yourself of your unique potential and talents.

2)Accept compliments from others and appreciate it.

3)Be aware of your image and be sure you project the same.

4)Take complete responsibility of your life.

5)Give yourself permission to accept your failures .

6)Think about your alternative future prospects and bank on them for a bright future.

7)Don’t over assume and indulge in over thinking.

8)Develop a good social life which has people inspiring others.

9)Attend events which are motivational and inspirational.

10)Believe in always thinking positive and constructive and pick up books and activities involving your strengths and improving your weaknesses .

Be willing first of all to bring in a positive change and see things from a broader horizon.

Courtesy : Gurleen